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How Do I Reset My Viking Refrigerator?

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Do you know that the majority of people understand that installing a refrigerator and other home appliances makes our daily lives easier and more productive? It’s always a plus if they can give you double or even multiple responsibilities. 

Since then, many refrigerator problems have been resolved by contacting an appliance repair company. 

Calling an expert is the simplest and safest way to solve any problems with your refrigerator. This is especially true if you have a refrigerator under five years old or a bottom or top model under seven years old. But the question is, how do you reset a Viking refrigerator? Do you have any idea how to fix it? Here are the following steps below: 

                                       1. Remove the power cord out of the wall socket.

                                      2. Press and hold the “reset” button on the back of the control panel.

                                      3. Wait about 30 seconds for the display to turn off.

                                      4. Replace the power cord in the wall socket.

                                      5. Restart the power supply.

                                     6. Press and hold the reset button once more.

                                     7. The display will turn on after about 30 seconds.

                                     8. Wait for the display to go blank before releasing the reset button.

                                     9. Press and hold the power button once more.

                                     10. Wait for 30 more seconds

                                     11. The display will be turned back on.

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Why Does My Viking Refrigerator Keep Beeping?

Viking is one of the leading luxury refrigerator brands for many reasons, including its amenities, while refrigerators nowadays are so much quieter than their predecessors that hearing any noise at all can be startling. But what should you do if your Viking refrigerator begins to beep and you have no idea why? 

These are the most common causes of beeping sounds:

  • “Door Open” alarm – A “Door Open” alarm is included with Viking refrigerators. This will sound if the fridge or freezer door is left open for more than three minutes and will continue until the door is closed or the alarm is turned off. To deactivate the alarm, press the “Alarm Off” pad or, depending on your model, “Options” followed by “Door Alarm Is On.”
  • Thermistor alarms – Viking refrigerators also include a “High Temperature” alarm, which sounds when the temperature in the fridge or freezer exceeds normal operating temperatures for a predetermined period of time. This is one of the reasons why your refrigerator is beeping. The alarm will be reset when the temperature is returned to a lower setting, or the alarm is deactivated.
  • Setting the alarm sound – The alarm sounds can be turned off. You can press “User Settings” on the main menu of the control pad and then “More Settings” on each subsequent screen until “Alarm Sound Is On” appears on display. 

If you turn off the alarm sounds, you will not be notified if you leave the door open or if there is a temperature problem. If the alarms sound even after the door is closed and the temperature is set to an appropriate level, your refrigerator may be faulty.

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