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One Call Away Viking Freestanding Ranges Repair in Hollywood

Are you feeling worried thinking about your not igniting range? Do you have a plan to hire a professional and licensed technician to help you get through any issues do you encounter with your Viking freestanding range? Do you also have problems with any of your Viking appliances? Don’t worry! You are in the right place where you can surely depend on any of your broken or faulty Viking home or kitchen appliances.

There’s no question about it, any range or freestanding range repair problems are bothersome and irritating! Unfortunately, there are some times they are inevitable, so it’s best to be always prepared for them. Knowing the four (4) most common kitchen range repair problems and their likely causes can help you diagnose and possibly resolve the problems if it occurs.

1) Range surface element keeps on turning on.

Be reminded that one of the most common ranges or freestanding range repair problems we see is surface elements that stay on.

To begin with, you have to check for visible damage to the exterior of your range surface element. It’s also possible that the component or element has shorted out, which can be determined by examining for continuity with a multimeter. In either of these situations, the surface element will be needing a replacement.

In case the surface element itself has been ruled out as the cause, it’s likely because of a defective surface element switch. Be reminded that it’s possible for the interior of the electrical contact of the switch to fuse together, causing the switch to continuously transmit power to the surface element. When this happens, it needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

2) Range vent hood doesn’t vent to the outside

Start by turning on the vent hood and examine if the fan blade is spinning correctly. In case it’s not spinning appropriately (or at all), try to inspect to see if the fan blade is properly tightened to the motor shaft. Also, search for any obstructions and ensure the filters are well-maintained and clean. Otherwise, the exhaust fan will need to be inspected and tested for continuity. In case it’s receiving power but the blade still isn’t spinning, that motor will need to be replaced.

3) Stove burner won’t light

In case the stove burner won’t light on your range, it’s likely because of at least one of the following parts: 

  • Start Module
  • Start Ignition Switch
  • Start Cathode

The first pieces to examine are the spark electrode and spark module, as these are the elements or parts that ignite the gas and give power to each burner. When either begins wearing out, the spark it’s supposed to create becomes weaker, or even non-existent. If you notice that not all of the burners are having problems lighting, this is often a sign of a failing start ignition switch.

4) Oven not heating or baking fairly

Always be reminded that a terrible or bad stove igniter is usually the cause of your oven not heating or baking evenly.

Igniter’s two-fold work:

  • Draw electrical current through the safety valve to open it, then get hot enough to ignite the gas. If you notice that the igniter gets weaker and weaker, it’s not able to open the safety valve rightly, causing those temperature problems.

If that’s been ruled out, another possibility is a broken or failed bake element. This is particularly the case if it shows obvious indications of damage. Take note! If ever the bake element is in disrepair, it will not bake fairly as it is only being heated by the broiler.

So, whenever you have a plan to hire a Viking professional to help you with any of your faulty Viking freestanding range and other Viking appliances, you have the freedom to reach out to our team for some help. The good thing about our team is that we offer top-quality and cost-effective Viking freestanding range repair here in Hollywood and other surrounding areas.

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