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We all know that a fridge is designed to contain cold efficiently. Cold air circulates through the fridge and freezer compartments, but the air has got to remain inside for the fridge to remain cold. To achieve this, make sure the door seals tightly when it is closed. You may have seen the soft rubber gasket seal around the edge and how snugly a fridge door can close. Take note that a reliable fridge seal takes a serious pull to open the refrigerator after the door has settled closed.

However, in case your Viking fridge door is loose and not sealing, then you’ve got issues. If the Viking refrigerator can’t hold cold and it may take extra effort to shut the fridge door off each time. There are three common causes of a damaged refrigerator door. We’ll examine them all along with the fast at-home solutions to each.

1) Examine for Obstruction

If you are totally stumped but the door seems obstructed, all you have to do is to take everything out of the refrigerator and try closing the door. After that, if you notice that the door then closes firmly, carefully reload the refrigerator so that the door isn’t blocked. If it closes badly when the unit is empty, try to look for another cause of the issue to resolve. 

2) Clean the Gasket

You try to examine your refrigerator seal. You clean it with a wet/ damp, warm sponge and vinegar or light detergent. Make sure that there will be no grime along the entire length of the seal, all the way around. From there, search for defects. In case the seal is ripped or twisted, you may get to install a new fridge seal.

In case the seal seems hard and dried-out, you try to put a thin layer of petroleum jelly along the gasket surface. Don’t worry! This adds back a little moisture and helps form a temporarily tighter seal when the fridge door closes. With an old seal, you will likely need to replace it soon.

3) Adjust Hinges

Open your refrigerator door and remove the hinge covers on the inside. Place the bubble level on the refrigerator door and pull up the outside edge until the bubble is in the center. At that point, you fix and tighten the top screws of the hinge to secure the entryway in the new position. Now, you test opening and closing the fridge door to see if it seals properly. Then, you place some items in the door and check your unit once more.

Once you’re finished, you place the hinge covers to the inside of the door hinges. 

If you think you have completed your refrigerator door repairs, put everything back into your unit, and examine the door. If your unit’s door hangs straight and closes firmly, your works have been a success. If you’re still having a problem, try to look into replacing your refrigerator door gasket seal or hire a professional to help you with your concerns. You need your Viking refrigerator to seal perfectly to keep your foods and groceries safely cold and keep the energy bill at a reasonable rate. Our team at Viking Repair Pro would be happy to help you both remotely and as on-site Viking professionals. Contact Viking Repair Pro today for more DIY appliance repair guides or to schedule a Viking refrigerator repair in Orange County.

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