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Viking Repair Pro: Offer Top-rated and Affordable Viking Electric Range Repair in Palm Springs

Can’t you stop worrying and thinking about your defective or not functioning Viking electric range? Do you have a plan to hire a Viking professional to help you diagnose and fix the unit for you? You are on the right track! Viking Repair Pro can be your great and one-call-away contractor for your broken and malfunctioning home appliances, especially Viking brands.

In Palm Springs, most of the homeowners here always count on competent and licensed technicians every time they encounter minor or major trouble with their Viking electric range and any other Viking kitchen appliances. Good news! Viking Repair Pro is one of their trusted Viking appliance repair providers here in the area.

What are the things that you need to do if your electric range burner won’t heat up?

Situation 1: Remove a bad burner

Have you attempted to compare the defective or malfunctioning burner with the other burners? If it looks set and scorched, you have to make sure to unplug the Viking electric range, then slip the burner out of its attachment and replace it. To remove a burner, you just need to lift it slowly and pull the prongs from the socket. After that, you simply need to wiggle it slightly to get the prongs to release. As an owner, you have to be reminded that some burners are held by a screw that you have to remove.

Situation 2: Tighten a burner connection

All you have to do when tightening your burner connection is to wiggle the burner in the socket. In case it’s loose in the socket, you have to drag it out and spread the burner terminals slightly for a tighter or stronger connection. Perform this step carefully and gently—the metal is fragile and you don’t want to break the heating element or component. At that point, you have to clean the socket with the use of a wire brush. Finally, you reinstall the burner, and after that plug the unit back in and check the results.

Situation 3: Change the bad socket

You’ve got to change a burned socket by removing the screws that fasten it to the range. After that, you can simply unscrew the wires of your Viking electric range and screw them to the new socket terminals.

(Note: Make sure to unplug your electric range before removing the burners.)

Why Choose Viking Repair Pro in Palm Springs?

Viking Repair Pro is a leading Viking appliance repair company serving clients in Palm Springs and its surrounding areas. All services are performed by well-equipped, committed, and certified technicians who care about you and your family’s safety. Our service rates are upfront and honest, so you have nothing to worry about. Our team has flexible appointments and times that suit your schedule. Our Viking professionals are trained to service your popular and luxury brands like Viking appliances to keep them running in peak condition for decades.

We are so proud that our company has been in this field of business for so many years. Until now, we are still counting on more. Our team cannot come this far without our clients who have been supporting and trusting our team’s capacities in handling any repairs or replacements for your broken Viking appliances, especially your Viking electric range.

Our Commitment

Viking Repair Pro offers quick, professional, guaranteed service and appliance repair on all Viking makes and models. Whether it’s Viking electric range repair or other Viking appliance services, our team is always ready and committed to delivering fast and long-lasting solutions.

Friendly & Well-Trained

At Viking Repair Pro, we value customer service. That is why our team of experts has friendly and well-trained staff who are available by phone 7 days a week and 24 hours a day to answer your inquiries. Schedule a service call with our Viking professionals today!

Our Warranty

Viking Repair Pro provides a factory-authorized warranty on all major brands (depending on manufacturers), 90 days on labor, and 1 Year on installed parts. Our team also provides repair estimates that have low-cost guarantee policy protection. Saving you money when something malfunctions, providing you great service with safe and fast repairs.

Call and Book an Appointment with Our Professionals Today!

So, if ever you like to work with our Viking professionals at Viking Repair Pro, you have the freedom to call and get in touch with our customer services team at any time of the day. You expect us to send you one of our fully equipped, committed, and licensed technicians to help you with your Viking electric range repair and any other Viking appliance repair needs. You have nothing to worry about our team because we can surely reach or even exceed your expectations about our overall service. Save your defective or not working Viking electric range or any other Viking appliances by hiring our Viking professionals at Viking Repair Pro today!

For more details about Viking Repair Pro, you have the freedom to give our customer support team a call right now! Don’t worry! All of your concerns about our team and our offered services will be answered by our friendly and well-trained representative accurately and immediately. Don’t wait for the problem to be more complicated in the next few days! Feel free to reach out and talk to our team at Viking Repair Pro now!

Quality Appliance Repair Doesn’t Have to be Expensive

At Viking Repair Pro, we strive to produce quality service that won’t hurt the budget of our customers. That is why we keep our prices at a sustainable rate without compromising the quality of our service. We value our customers’ satisfaction above all else, and that our work will leave them contented and satisfied. Not only do we offer repair and maintenance services, but our experienced technicians can give preventive advice to your appliances. We try to make all our clients a customer for life. We appreciate the connection with our clients and try to maintain a lasting relationship with them.

Thus, if you ever find yourself in a pinch from appliance breakdowns, don’t hesitate to contact Viking Repair Pro. We have a highly responsive customer service team prepared to answer any of your inquiries. Regardless of what problem you are facing, you can trust Viking Repair Pro to handle any of your problems. Schedule an appointment for your service today! 



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