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How Do You Turn On An Induction Cooktop?

If you are looking for a reliable Viking cooktop repair, calling Viking Repair Pro is your best option to get the job done right and allow you to return to your daily routine when it comes to cooking.

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Viking is always the top choice when it comes to quality kitchen appliances. Their kitchen appliances offer a professional-rate quality at home. Letting you feel like you are cooking in a professional kitchen. You can choose from different types of appliances, and one of these is the Viking appliances cooktop.

One of the common types of cooktops that are used by many is induction. The induction cooktop makes a heat source out of the cookware itself with the other types of cooktop like the gas or electric, which needs to turn on the heat source. 

If you are using the induction cooktop for the first time, check out the steps provided on how you can navigate your new induction cooktop.

  1. Switch ON the induction hob unit.
  2. Place the induction pan or cookware on top of the cooktop ring that you want to use.
  3. Locate the power switch on the induction cooktop and press it to switch on.
  4. Select the sensor meant for the ring you wish to use.
  5. Use the “+” and “-” cooktop sensor buttons to adjust the heat.
  6. Once you are done cooking, hold the power button again to turn off your induction cooktop.

However, there are some instances where you may face some issues with your induction cooktop. It is best to call for a professional Viking cooktop repair near me to check the situation and do the necessary fix.

Viking Repair Pro provides you with the best quality cooktop repair services with our team of repair technicians that can diagnose the problem to find out the main cause and apply the right solution to bring your appliance to its good working condition. We are also your trusted appliance repair pro in Seattle, always available and ready to assist you.

How Does The Cooktop Work?

Nowadays, you can find different cooking appliances available in the market with different types, styles, and designs along with their great features, but when it needs a repair, it is best to let a reliable home appliance repair services cater to Viking cooktop repair.

Having different options allows you to choose the best type of cooktop appliance that will suit your preferences. The following are different cooktops that are also widely used by many people.

  1. Gas Cooktop

These units use an open flame as the heat source and, as a result, can reach high heat fast. While the gas cooktop designs vary, many of its units feature a power burner designed to reach the maximum temperature quickly and a simmer burner for delicate and controlled heat. 

However, there is some disadvantage to this type of cooktop. Due to its knob controls, it can be difficult for you to achieve the same cooking temperature every time the appliance is used. It is also vital the gas cooktop must have a proper gas connection for power.

  1. Electric Cooktop

If you need a cooktop that provides consistent temperature control, the electric cooktop is your best option. Its burners are heated using electricity and don’t need a gas connection. As a result, electric cooktops are generally easier to install than a gas cooktop. A traditional electric cooktop features coil burners, although modern appliances offer a smooth top design. Regardless of the style, you can expect that its burners provide a precise temperature every time it is used.

  1. Induction Cooktop

This type of cooktop uses electromagnetic energy to cook food. An element below the appliances’ flat ceramic surface creates a magnetic field that reacts to the cookware with steel, iron, or magnetic stainless bottoms. The reaction will create a vibration that results in the heat you need to cook. Due to its unique design, there are several benefits to using an induction cooktop. It heats up much faster, while it still offers superior temperature control.

It also reduces the risk of burning or fatal accidents since it only produces heat when compatible cookware touches the surface, even when the appliance is turned on. 

On the other hand, like any other appliance, it will also come to a point where your cooktop needs repair. When this happens, look for reliable appliance repair services near me to handle the situation. 

If you are experiencing any problems with your Viking cooktop, you can always contact Viking Repair Pro for fast and effective repairs.