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Highly-rated and Affordable Viking Refrigerator Repair in Miami

Welcome to the place where you can rely on your defective and malfunctioning Viking refrigerator! In Miami, most of the people here always count on a Viking professional every time they encounter something different from any of their Viking kitchen appliances, including refrigerator and wine cooler.

We all know that Viking is one of the brands that have the highest-quality design and materials. So, whenever you hear loud or strange noises coming from your Viking refrigerator, it can be surprising. Viking Repair Pro listed four (4) common reasons for a Viking refrigerator making noise, from an obstructed fan blade to dirty condenser coils. Try to recognize any of these reasons below why your Viking fridge is making noise before hiring a Viking professional to help you. 

1) Obstructed Fan Blade

Do you know that one of the most common reasons for a Viking refrigerator making noise is an obstruction in the evaporator or condenser fan blades? Be reminded that both of these fans circulate air to help cool refrigerant at different locations of your fridge.

There are some times that a loose wrapper or other little tiny objects or items can find their way to either fan blade and obstruct it. When this happens, you may hear a sound like a playing card hitting bicycle spokes when the fan starts spinning.

2) Defective Fan Motor

Have you noticed that your Viking fridge is making a loud humming noise? If neither the evaporator nor the condenser fan has an obstruction or problem, one of the fan motors may be defective. In case the noise gets louder once you open the fridge or freezer door, it is likely to be the evaporator fan. If ever the humming sounds seems to be coming from the back of your Viking refrigerator, it is more likely to be the condenser fan that has an issue.

3) Faulty Water Inlet Valve

Are you aware that a loud buzzing sound could be a sign of a faulty water inlet valve (specifically when the ice maker is filling)? This valve opens and closes electronically, permitting water to supply or fulfill the dispenser and ice maker. However, over time, mineral deposits from the water can obstruct or clog the valve and restrict the water flow. When this happens, you may notice and hear your Viking fridge making noise that sounds like buzzing.

4) Dirty Condenser Coils

Be reminded! If you notice the condenser coils are coated with dust and dirt, it can cause the unit’s compressor to work harder to cool the refrigerant. In this instance, your normally quiet Viking refrigerator compressor noise may become louder and irritating, to the point where you can hear it in the other part of the house. In some situations, the unit’s compressor may be worn out and can operate more loudly as it fails.

In case the compressor continues to operate loudly even after the coils are cleaned or maintained, it is likely failing and needs professional and fast replacement.

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